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Frequently Asked Questions

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 General Info

What is SEA-90 and how is it produced?

Can SEA-90 be used to create sole?

Does SeaAgri have an edible salt?

Why are the trace elements contained in SEA-90 important?

Why doesn't the salt, sodium chloride, in SEA-90 harm the soil and crops?

How does SEA-90 differ from common salt?


What is the best way to dissolve SEA-90 Foliar so it can be used effectively in a sprayer?

What type of equipment is recommended for broadcasting SEA-90 Fertilizer?

What are low sodium seawater fertilizer products?

How can I produce a low sodium sea water product?

How much SEA-90 should I apply to my garden, cropland or pasture?

What is the best way to use SEA-90 in blueberry production?

What is the best way to prepare a garlic bed with SEA-90?

Can SEA-90 be used with Miracle Grow?

What are the lawn care application rates and instructions?

Can SEA-90 be used in hydroponics production?

Crop Application: In his research trials, Dr. Murray applied sea solids (SEA-90) as a broadcast fertilizer and incorporated it into the soil. Now you are suggesting we dissolve SEA-90 and spray it onto our crops. Should we spray onto the soil prior to planting or onto the crops as during the growing season, and can we expect the same results?

Why are SEA-90 sea solids better than liquified kelp that is used by many growers?

When dissolving SEA-90, does warm water help? And if yes, what is the maximum temperature that should be used?

If I wanted to start dissolving the SEA-90 a couple of days prior to spraying, would it still be as potent as if I was dissolving it the day I sprayed it?

Are any equipment modifications required when foliar applying SEA-90?

I planned on dissolving SEA-90 and applying foliar, but when I tried to dissolve 50 pounds in a 50 gallon drum, it did not dissolve. Can you help?

I have never used sea 90. Can it be mixed with worm castings and rock dust? How much can i put on my strawberry bed in the fall when i fertilize?

 Product & Purity

How is sea salt produced?

SEA-90 is created from coastal water. Is it pollution free?

Are ocean (sea) water products better than SEA-90 biologically?

What is the mineral analysis of SEA-90?

Has the sea water used to create SEA-90 been exposed to any pollution from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010?

Are SeaAgri's products or production facility affected by Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster?

 SEA-90 vs Competition

What is the cost difference between SEA-90 and other sea water products currently offered to growers?

Are other companies selling Dr. Murray's sea solids?

How does SEA-90 differ from rock powders?

How does SEA-90 compare to other sea based fertilizer products?

What are the differences between sea salts offered in the market place?

Was Dr. Murray awarded patents for his research?

What is a low sodium sea water product and how does it differ from SEA-90 or "sea solids"?


What is the difference between SEA-90 Essential Elements and other mineral salts for livestock that claim to originate from the sea?

As a breeder of rare breed poultry, I'm interested in using the product but I need a calculation for smaller amounts. What amount per gallon of water for poultry? My preferred way to administer it would be in the water only once weekly to be sure all birds get adequate amount. Rather than force-feeding, I keep a bin or small feeder with DE, oyster shell calcium, vitamin A, D and E granules, azomite and grit to allow the birds to take what they need. Can it also be mixed and given free choice?

Why is SEA-90 Essential Elements a superior livestock mineral salt?

Is SEA-90 Essential Elements or SEA-90 fertilizer harmful to horses, what is the suggested application rate, and does temperature make a difference?



Is this product useful for bettering your deer forage food plots? If so, how exactly?


Is SEA-90 exactly the same as Dr. Murray's Sea Solids?

Is SEA-90 approved for use in organic agriculture?

Were the mineral beds destroyed by a flood during 1981 as claimed by Don Jansen in Charles Walters book Fertility From the Ocean Deep?

Why do higher sugar, mineral and trace element levels in plant tissue represented as Brix readings appear to coenside with reduced pest and fungus pressure?

How is SEA-90 fertilizer utilized in the production of organic food products such as corn and soybeans?

What is the shelf life of SEA-90?

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